Out East 

I've arrived on the eastern shores of Canada once again, this time to stay! Where exactly I will set up shop is to be determined, but it's nice to be back :) Here I am on Fundy's Bay at low tide.. Some spot! 


The Land, The Sea, The People 

I'm nearing completion of a new folk album inspired by the "middle of nowhere" Canada! You know, the most interesting spots like the outports of Newfoundland, the prairies, the far North, the bush - an album of these places and the people who occupy them.

I'm so excited to share this with all of you! I'm most active on TIk Tok , so please find me on there @cabinspeak for more regular updates :)




Hey everyone! It's been another full year. I was living in St. Johns NL for a few months last winter in an attempt to learn about their culture and music. It went very well! I've been busy making videos this summer, as well as preparing to record a big album... my biggest and best yet :) More on that soon!



- Here's a little story about me and my handbuilt cabin in Northern Ontario: 

- Please check out my youtube page for a bunch of cover songs I recorded this summer while hunkering down in my cabin:


Here's My Folk Music series called Cabin Speak Series I started at my cabin:


CD Release Show! 

"One gets the impression that Ruzzo is in dialogue with his audience and that his time onstage is as much about his listening to and observing them as it is about their listening to him. This ability to conduct the audience is rare even among great performers; Michael Stipe has it; Springsteen has it; Adam Ruzzo has it too." - The Valley Gazette

Thanks to all who attended!! Had a great article in the paper following the show, thanks Valley Gazette!

Check out my store for a hard copy of the CD, or search it up on iTunes!



'Froze In' set to be released shortly! 

My little six-songer about winter is nearing completion! I figure a short album is better for the long cold season... who wants to make it longer anyways?!

Here's a rough preview of what she's going to look like. Beautiful right? Artwork is by the one and only...

Alfred. G. Villeneuve

Top Ten Paddling Songs!  


My new tune Untamed just made it on to Northern Ontario Travel's Top Ten list for best paddling songs! It's an honour, thank you!! It's due for official release shortly :) 


Check the article out Here

Shimmering Nights 

A new song preview, of a tune set for official release shortly!

It's been a hard winter here in Canada, but this song reflects on the not-so-hard moments, appreciating this beautiful quiet season.

Check out Shimmering Nights


Sneak Peek 

Hey from Windy Newfoundland everyone! I'm here playing, writing and getting a taste of this salty air!

​​​​​​Pumped to share a little sample off of my upcoming release, Froze In!

The song is called Untamed and is my 'ode to the land', inspired by much time spent on the waters of Ontario. It will be available for purchase/download in a couple of months, but happy to put it out there to the world now! Enjoy :)

Froze In 

Well, it's that time of year again... Froze in for the winter and recording. This new album will hopefully be freezing cold off the press in April!

The themes are... yes... very winter-y. But I hope they bring some warmth to your winter days during our cozy hibernation here in Canada, and evoke fuzzy above-zero feelings of great memories from winters past.

Here is a little pic of the recording action!



Cabin Speak Is Available! 

My New album, Cabin Speak, is available for purchase ! Check the store on my website to purchase a hard copy, or the usual online streams such as itunes or spotify.

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