On The Radio! 

Really touched that radio across the country has been playing my new stuff. This clip is from Atlantic Canadian radio, I'm talking about my song St. Mary's Bay and giving some background on myself.

Link is here: East Coast Rising 101.5 The Hawk


Radio Play! 

Most recently my New music was featured on this great podcast from The Sound Cafe  - I'm Podcast #2, scroll down a little to find it.

AND THANK YOU to these awesome FM stations across Canada for adding my NEW ALBUM to their playlists! 

CKUT 90.3FM  
94.9 CHRW Radio Western  
Folk Routes (CKUA) 
Canadian Jam on CJAM 99.1 FM  
Andy's Attic Radio  
CKDU 88.1 FM  
Blues and Roots Radio 
TANG Radio

NEW ALBUM RELEASED!!! The Land, The Sea, The People 

The Land, The Sea The People is OFFICIALLY OUT!

My songs/stories that pay tribute to the quiet corners and "off the beaten path" places of Canada! A long time coming.

You can purchase directly on my website for a physical CD. Please send a submission on my contact page with your address and we can do an e transfer. Alternatively you can purchase the digital album on Bandcamp.

I've releasing YouTube videos to go along with the songs, check them out in my VIDEO SECTION.




Special thanks to: 

Artist Alfred G. Villeneuve for the AMAZING album art as always!! Check his website out!

Tom Fitzgerald on fiddle
Spencer Murray on Whistle/flute
Max Senitt on drums
Fergus Brown O'Byrne on accordion/concertina
Rory Graham on fiddle (O'reilly's Set)
Gus La Casse on fiddle (Acadiana)
Jacob McCauley on bodhran
Fergus O'Byrne on bodhran (O'reilly's Set)
Steve Lilly for remote recording
John Maclean for recording/mixing and mastering!

NEW SONG - All I've Ever Known 

This song is dedicated to a fellow named Alex, who some know as "The Last Anishnabe". The Anishabe (or Ojibway) people lived in Northern Ontario/Quebec for Millenia prior to Europeans arriving to Canada. They lived completely off the land as hunter gatherers. Alex was born into a traditional Anishnabe family and grew up dogsledding, hunting and trapping in his ancestral lands. After going through the school system and the workforce, Alex returned to his remote homeland in the Temagami wilderness, he's been there for 30+ years and counting. I met him here under the old growth pines at the shores of a calm, isolated lake and had to write a tribute to him.

Buy/Listen to the song HERE


Adam Ruzzo Guitar/Vocal

Tom Fitzgerald Fiddle

Liam Smith Bass

Max Senitt Drums