About Me

Thanks for dropping by!

My original music these days is about the Canadian wilderness experience, stories of folks who live out there and native issues. I am very inspired by the wild landscapes of Canada and the world at large, and those people who live near/on the edge of these places. I try to convey musically the sense of awe and beauty that these places evoke in us all. I also play a LOT of cover tunes - Neil Young, James Taylor, 90's music. to name a few. I've been playing at restaurants and weddings for many years. But nowadays, I'm more about the original stuff. 

I hold a masters degree in classical guitar performance from U of T, and have won several competitions in that field. I have over 12 years of playing in restaurants, bars and wedding all over the place. My longest-standing gig was playing at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto for 7 years... every weekend! These days, I'm far more into wandering and playing for all kinds of people along the way... and paddling/hiking in wild areas.  

I currently live off grid in a cabin I've built from the trees off of my property. Now that I've got my 'simple life' thing going on and am set up in that, I'm ready to hit the recording studio, road and wild lands a lot more to keep on creating.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this site!

Happy trails,

- Adam