About Me

In pursuit of preserving the Traditional Canadian folk song tradition and adding to it's catalogue, Adam Ruzzo has performed, written and collaborated all across Canada from coast to coast, gathering stories and capturing the essence of the Canadian experience in his original music. He also finds inspiration in the wild landscapes of Canada, and musically aims to express the awe inspiring beauty so evocative of these silent places. His performances paint a picture of the whole country by combining his own music with traditional Canadian songs from past artists such as Stan Rogers and traditional songs from Ontario and the Maritimes. 

Adam is a highly accomplished guitarist, having received a master's degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Toronto, and winning First Prize in the FCMF National Classical Guitar Competition in 2010. He has paired his skill on guitar with an unmistakeable tenor voice that has made a lasting impression on audiences all across the country. His new album 'Froze In', an ode to Canadian winter, was released in May 2019 and features a traditional feel with guitar, bodhran and fiddle. He is currently in St. John's Newfoundland performing regularly and working on an East Coast traditional inspired album, which is sure to be a huge success and a breath of fresh air in the Canadian folk music world.