NEW ALBUM RELEASE! The Waters That Bind

She's out now! You can stream it on any platform, or you can purchase the digital album here. Purchasing my digital Album IS THE BEST WAY TO SUPPORT ME, HANDS DOWN :)

Either Way, Im happy however you choose to listen! Isn't the cover so pretty?!


Down the road, I will be making vinyls of this album (The cover art is so pretty, how could I NOT?!). So if you purchase a digital download and would also like a vinyl, you will definitely get a discount on the vinyl!

The Waters That Bind is a wide-ranging folk album featuring your classic ballad style songs alongside songs with edgier instrumental pairings of electric guitar, drum kit and bouzouki. Each track springs from waterways around Canada in the form of stories, inspiration or tradition. This album was born of road tripping from Lake Superior to Glace Bay, Cape Breton Island, drawing inspiration from the waters and the communities living alongside it.

Check out the songs on my music page!