Huron Carol

Excited to share that my version of Huron Carol - Actually three versions, in different languages - will be released on December 9th! Stay Tuned!

Also excited to share that Ian Tamblyn laid down some hammer dulcimer for the songs! Woo :) 

You will be able to purchase the song here on my website for a low price, or if you're a streamer, stream them anywhere starting on December 9th.

This is Canada's oldest Christmas Carol, and for that reason alone I love it. But it also happens to be hauntingly beautiful, and full of mysterious lore on all fronts. The Jesuit Jean de Brebeuf who composed it was living at the Huron mission in Ontario in 1640 - he wrote the text in Wendat, a language he learned while living among the Huron people. In 1649 he and some other Hurons were ritually tortured and killed by Iriquois.. and the song has lived on and survived the test of time.