NEW SONG - Pad's Song (by Pat and Joe Byrne)

A true Newfoundland anthem originally by Pat and Joe Byrne. This song pays tribute to types of people that are no longer produced. People that would get up before dawn, manually paddle a punt (a small wooden fishing boat) into unpredictable Atlantic waters and set a trawl by hand, all the while hoping sharks (dogfish) won't poach their catch. On the other side of the coin, those who stayed back home would play doctor, cook, teacher, gardener and day care worker. This is the glory of Newfoundland and these people are the reason the island has persisted to this day, often times with the odds of the world stacked against it.

Originally by Pat and Joe Byrne, from their album 'Towards the Sunset' Adam Ruzzo Vocals and Guitar/Mandolin Fergus brown O'byrne Concertina