NEW SONG! Album Release set for March 10th. 

This one is a bit different from my usual, but it doesn't get much more energetic and down home than Acadian fiddle playing! Gus La Casse and I play some old instrumental traditional Acadian tunes together. 

Welcome to Acadia! Gus La Casse on fiddle and myself on guitar. The scenes from the video come from the cradle of Acadian civilization - present day Annapolis Royal and Grand Pré Nova Scotia. From the early 1600's until 1755 this neutral and peaceful agricultural society came to life, and thrived in the thousands. After their tragic deportation in 1755, they left left their mark on this land in the form of countless miles of natural dykes along the Bay of Fundy, some the most fertile farmland on earth, their unique language and... an awesome fiddling tradition 

If you don't want to buy the whole album, you can always buy a song you like for $1.00 HERE on my website or HERE on Bandcamp.