Album Cover Art + Another Tune Sneak Peak!

Fading Light

Above is a rough draft of a very contemplative track from the upcoming album. It's a relaxing one, written while staring out into the cold winter from a warm cabin.


What Makes you feel more warm and cozy than this picture?

Ottawa Valley artist Alfred G. Villeneuve was kind enough to let me use this painting of his for my cover art on my upcoming album 'Cabin Speak". In Alfred's words he describes the painting:

"I went to paint in Algonquin, only to realize the extreme cold prevented me from being able to stand the wind and temps for more than a few minutes at a time. So I remembered this cabin and went there. Of course, no was around, so I took the opportunity to split some wood and start a fire in the old oil drum stove. I swept up, split more kindling and firewood for the next time; which warmed me and the place up. So I set up my easel, to give a glimpse into a simple life, the life lived by many of my ancestors in winter. The comfort and security of a wood stove, plenty of wood as ammo against further cold, and a window to gaze out at the bitter, blustering winds that continuously swept through the road way and trails. It was an exquisite respite from life's distractions, which left my very much in a peaceful, happy mood when I departed back into the wind."